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About Us – Nairi – Group

„Nairi“ LLC was founded in 1997. The production is located in the western part of the Sevan
national park, which is surrounded by dense forest, Geghama mountain range on the one hand
side and Lake Sevan on the other hand side. Our enterprise exploits the 5R and 6R mines of
the Litchq-Thermo-Mineral Waters located near the factory.
The enterprise successfully provides services in natural carbon dioxide production and
marketing. Progressive innovations and implemented changes have made Nairi LLC the
leading and largest producer of natural CO2 in the whole south caucasus (1200 kg of carbon
dioxide per hour).
The availability of rich natural resources allows us to increase our production capacity
according to the needs of our customers.
Our own logistics with different tank trucks (6-23m3) allows us to provide timely supply of
carbon dioxide to our partners inside and outside of the Republic of Armenia.
After the collapse of the USSR, the largest reserves of carbon dioxide produced in the
Republic of Armenia were dissolved and suspended. We are proud that we have been
assisting in maintaining the production of this field in Armenia. Creating qualified and
experienced professionals, we are making our modest contribution to the development of the
economy of the Republic of Armenia.
Production process:
Extremely pure and rich reserves of CO2-enriched mineral water are extracted from the depth
of 380m. Carbon dioxide produced in a biologically pure process enters the factory in a closed
manner, where the product is exposed to multiple cleaning and drying, ultimately being
liquefied and reaching a level of purity up to 99.999%. We fill into gas bottles, which are
specially constructed steel cylinders and mobil tanks for our purpose.
Liquid CO2 is also used to produce a dry ice.
Inside a dry ice pelletizer, the liquid carbon dioxide is expanded under controlled conditions
to form dry ice snow. This snow is then pressed through an extruder plate into hard blocks of